who we are

Our mission is clear and unwavering. Acquire great companies. Manage for long-term growth.

We love business. The strategizing, commitment, collaboration, learning, competing and winning.

Unlike many in the business world, our goal is not to "buy, squeeze, and flip," it’s to buy, hold, and grow."

Our philosophy is to honour the legacy, build on the foundation and fulfill the potential

Matthew Lewis, Founder and President – Braidy Corporation
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our companies

Our companies operate in a diverse range of industries and we look for companies that fit a well-established profile

• Compelling value proposition that appeals to relevant market-segments

• A well diversified business we can hold and grow for the long term
• Leadership position in an industry or operating territory
• Well-established track record of financial performance

• Strong and capable management team

 Growth potential
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what to expect

We know that business owners care about what will happen to their business, their relationships and their people once a new owner takes over.

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what they say
  • Selling can feel like giving your identity away. Matt has a very genuine, long term approach that respects the past and builds on that for the future.
    Mackay CEO Forums
  • I’ve worked here for almost 40 years. The company is still a great place to work
    Braidy Portfolio Company
  • I didn’t know what to expect when our owner sold, everyone really liked (him). In the years since the sale the morale of the company is actually higher, which I didn’t think could happen.
    General Manager
    Braidy Portfolio Company
  • My wife is happy I retired and that she won’t have to run the company if anything happens to me. I still pop in to see how things are going; I’m impressed and happy.
    Braidy Portfolio Company
  • I’ve heard lots of horror stories about selling a business. Our transition went very smoothly.
    Braidy Portfolio Company
  • My people, family & business are in good hands and my legacy is preserved. Matt’s taking the company to the next level and the staff are energized.
    Braidy Portfolio Company
  • For over 30 years I have had the privilege of working with many successful businessmen in a variety of situations and circumstances. Matt repeatedly demonstrated a keen interest in delving into the guts of a business’s operation and grasping the key factors contributing to the success of the particular business. A respect for what the founders of these successful enterprises accomplished is continually demonstrated along with a true desire to understand the legacy wishes of these founders. They’ve consistently cultivated loyalty from existing management teams and subsequently all companies have grown.
    DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants
  • Due diligence paired with knowledge, confidence, and experience provided us substantial comfort they could tackle any potential future obstacles. I know with confidence they can acquire a company in any industry and apply the same business principles to create or grow a successful operation.
    Sr Relationship Manager
    TD Commercial Banking
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